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About the Service

The ITC Student Laptop Checkout Service offers all University of Iowa students the opportunity to borrow laptop computers for academic use at the IMU, the Main Library and the Hardin Library for Health Sciences. Some locations, such as Nursing and Urban and Regional Planning also offer laptops for specific student populations.

Laptop computers are available for both three hour and overnight checkouts. Current University of Iowa students can checkout a laptop by presenting their IOWA ONE™ Card (student ID) at the IMU Box Office, Main Library ITC, or at the Hardin Library Information Commons. Students may only borrow one laptop computer at any given time.

All laptop computers are equipped with the most common software available in campus ITCs and feature configurable wireless networking technology, which allows students to use on or off-campus wireless networking. (For a list of campus wireless hotspots please visit: )

Prior to checking out a laptop computer or accessory, all students must agree to the terms and conditions of the ITC Checkout Service at the Checkout Self-Service web site,

Return Times

All three-hour laptop checkout equipment must be returned within three hours of the checkout time and no later than the checkout desk closing time, or a late fee will be applied. All overnight laptop checkouts must be returned by 1pm on the day of return specified or a late fee will be applied.

Late Fees

  • Failing to return a checkout laptop or laptop accessory on time will result in a $15 initial late fee.
  • For each day after the initial return date that the equipment is late, students will be assessed an additional $25 fee.
  • For any equipment still not returned after FIVE (5) late fees have been assessed, students will be charged the replacement cost of the laptop and/or laptop accessory in addition to all late fees already accrued.
  • All late fees will be assessed automatically and charged to the student’s University Bill. Help Desk and Library staff members do not have the ability to revoke late fees.
  • You may view any late, loss, and damage fees that have been assessed to your account using the Checkout Self-Service web site.


Students are expected to ensure the safety and security of laptop computers they checkout. Repair or replacement fees may be assessed to cover any damage to equipment and/or accessories due to negligence, misuse or theft.

Loss of Checkout Privileges

Checkout privileges may be revoked under certain circumstances. Examples of these circumstances include, but are not limited to, failing to return equipment and accessories in a timely fashion, misusing or neglecting equipment in your possession resulting in damage, attempting to monopolize a checkout resource by checking out laptop computers too often, or violating the Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources policy. If your privileges are revoked, the Eligibility page of the Checkout Self-Service web site will indicate this. You may appeal the revocation of your checkout privileges using interface provided on that page. This interface is only available if your privileges have been revoked.


Any questions or concerns regarding the ITC Student Laptop Checkout service can be directed to the ITS Help Desk at 384-HELP or